Business in the Spotlight: A Treasured Something

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Business in the Spotlight: A Treasured Something

Susan created  a small business called A Treasured Something. I spotted the gorgeous creations on Twitter and offered to do a blog post to showcase her business.

This is in Susan's words with some comments from me.

                                         Starting Out ....

Whilst I was at school I took Foundation Design and really enjoyed it. 
At the end of the school year, we were able to do exhibitions of our work and I put on one dedicated to The Teasle Family.  These were very much in during the early 1980s they were like little pompoms with a dress on and then a teasle head.  I then decided to make some stories with them and took photos on my old basic camera, had them developed at the chemist and put them in a book and wrote a little story about them living in my garden.  
I really enjoyed this and so did everyone who came to see my exhibition.

For many years then, art kind of fell by the wayside as work and gaining qualifications became more important. It wasn't really until about 10 years ago now that I started to pick it back up again, by looking into mixed media canvas paintings and decorating wine bottles and wine glasses.

                                                 My First Media Art Painting ....

I love this one so much because it reminds me 
of the sea with its wonderful colours and textures. 

I used a variety of mediums including broken 
jewellery, stamping and snow effects to give 
depth and texture to the painting.

It now hangs pride of place in my lounge to 
remind me of what I have achieved.

ME: I love the colours on this beautiful piece, it reminds me of the sea on a sunny day. 

Love the textures too, it's fabulous.


                              My Work Today .....

ornamental wine bottle and gobletOver the past 10 years I have done a lot of different art and crafts, mainly for myself.  
One of the more unusual ones was making ornament goblets.
As a few of my friends were into Game of Thrones, I decided to get a few ordinary wine glasses and transform them into ornate Gothic style goblets.

ME: Aren't these fabulous? They really look the part. Such a great idea.

I enjoy diversifying into a variety of different mediums some have been pebble art, creating greeting cards and one of my loves at the moment is making miniature teddy bears and furry animals.  

As an artist and crafter I have found it very important to diversify in my work as it gives me ideals and inspiration.

 One of my favorite pieces has to be this little teddy bear and that is because I lost my little Pekingese in March this year and I popped some of her fur inside the teddy bear I had made so I could remember Hetty as she was my soul mate and will always be close to me.

ME: Such a wonderful idea, 
I am sure others would love something like this to remember a beloved pet and feel that they are still close. 

Susan's LINKS: 

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Did you enjoy this post about this lovely business? Do go and have a look, there are many beautiful pieces. Check out the social media pages. Why not follow to keep up to date with new products?
I love everything but especially the gorgeous Teddy bears, such glorious colours and so cute. They are not toys but fabulous collectables for adults to enjoy.

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Its a Pay It Forward because starting out I had help from other crafters.